And then there’s good news…

As we mentioned it was a busy week! The eye surgeon wasn’t the only professional we saw. We also saw:

  • A gastroenterologist
  • Imaging folks at CHONY for an Upper GI Series
  • The surgeon who repaired his hernia
  • His services coordinator for early intervention
  • A physical therapy evaluator for early intervention

The gastro visit went well (as covered in earlier post) but he wanted to get a better picture on what is going on so we scheduled Ben for an upper GI series later in the week. Now, I have never had an Upper GI myself so I wasn’t really sure what was in store. We brought Ben into a room with a huge X-ray machine. They put him on a table in the middle of it and dressed Amy and I up in heavy lead aprons with lead neck shields. He was kicking and squirming a ton so they had to wrap his legs up to keep him still for the x-rays. Ben was a trooper and didn’t cry much at all. After a few x-rays they asked us to feed Ben a barium solution with a bottle. This is the child who knows the difference between formula brands (and has strong opinions) and who won’t drink formula with oatmeal in it, but thinks rice is pretty good. I really did not think he would go for the barium at all, but he took enough of it for the doctors to get pretty pictures of his insides. We haven’t gotten the final report, but the doctor who administered the test said everything was where it should be and she did not see any problems. In fact, Ben’s reflux didn’t even show up (but we know it’s there). So all in all, a good test.

The visit with the hernia surgeon also went fine. Everything looks good but he wants to see Ben in 6 months. Now that is a frequency we can handle.

And it is great to get things moving with early intervention. We want to get as early a start as possible on it as it will really help him catch up to where he should be. (As it turns out, being in the hospital for the first 7 months of your life is terrible for development.) We have the vision and general evaluator coming next week, but the physical therapy evaluator came on Thursday. She thought he was doing pretty good, all things considered. The good news from her visit is that she feels that Benjamin’s muscle tone is normal. This is good stuff – abnormal muscle tone is a prominent symptom of cerebral palsy (this does not mean his muscle tone won’t change, but it’s a good start).

And last, but not least, Ben is still gaining weight tipping the scales at 11lbs 3 oz.

Nurse Kelly snuggles with Ben

One of Benjamin's favorite NICU nurses, Kelly, got in some snuggle time with Ben this week


5 thoughts on “And then there’s good news…

  1. Sounds good to me! Early Intervention is the BEST thing to have for a child so that is awesome that Ben is getting his now, it will help alot! Ben is sure proving he is a trooper allt the way and that too is great, I love that he is gaining weight….the more chunkier the better! lol oh and most babies do perfer rice over oatmeal in their milk lol I’m happy for you 3! I love hearing such postive great news like this. 🙂

  2. Oh, and can you believe this is the 100th post? Time flies…

  3. As someone who just two weeks ago had to endure a barium swallow, I have to say Benjamin was certainly braver than I!

  4. Yay for growing strong! Benjamin is almost caught up to Maggie, who was due only one day after him, and is weighing around 14 pounds now.

  5. I love hearing more and more good news!

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