Happy Halloween!

For Benjamin’s first Halloween, we went to the neighborhood’s Halloween Parade (my pictures here). We went with the lovely Emily and Henry, who allowed us to tag along with their merry group, and we all bowed out around 10 blocks in due to sleepy babies and the chill in the air (and it was too dark for me to get any more pictures).

Though Benjamin has been ramping up for Halloween the last couple of days, I’m afraid the actual event left him a little cold.


What big feet you have!

These feet have come a long way

When changing Ben this morning I was telling him how tiny his feet are – but in reality they are gigantic compared to what they were when he was born! Those foot prints on his certificate are the real deal (as the Lancaster folks can attest). Seems like a million years ago – especially with snow on the ground again.


Roll-y Smiley Benjamin

I came home today after being away for work for a couple of days and found my super smiley little guy. Amy did a great job by herself the past few days – I mean look how happy he is!20111028-225324.jpg

He also rolled over for the first time today! (Twice!) Amy was out of the apartment when it happened so I am not sure if she believes me – but I was there and saw it. Granted, it was on the couch and the cushion was a little slanted – but I’m counting it.

While I was gone Amy and Benjamin met with the Early Intervention folks to review the evaluations, set goals and make the therapy plans. Hopefully starting next week Benjamin will be getting physical therapy and vision therapy twice a week each. Glad it’s finally starting – Benjamin has a lot of catching up to do.

Amy also got Ben’s costume delivered today – he is going to be super cute on Monday for the Jackson Heights Halloween Parade. Photos will be posted for sure.

A Benjamin Story – on Risk! (the podcast)

I kept it a little quiet, but recently I took a nine-week storytelling class with Kevin Allison (from The State) through Story Studio. I had always loved to write and the recent growth of true-life storytelling events, podcasts and groups (such as The Moth and Risk!) really got me interested in the differences of storytelling orally without notes versus storytelling through writing.

I really enjoyed the class and workshopped a lot of stories ranging from silly to moving. It was part creative, part therapy – and I got a lot out of it from a story crafting aspect and from a public speaking aspect.

Kevin, the instructor, is also host of the Risk! podcast. The podcast’s theme is people telling stories they normally wouldn’t share. When he mentioned he wanted to record one of my stories for his show I knew which one he meant. It was a story that includes a really scary day with Benjamin that, before the class, we had only shared with one other person because it had shaken us up so much.

But do you know what? Telling the story helped me come to see what it meant in my journey to become a father so I agreed to put it out there into the universe. And today it was posted (on Risk! – New at This and iTunes). The story is called “Radio Story: For Benjamin by Joe .”

I do want to warn you, the podcast in general tends to be explicit and not safe for work or small children – but my story is mostly clean (minus two dirty words). You can skip straight to my story (I close out the show) at 55:00.

Listen the show (titled “New at This”) at the Risk website: Risk! – New at This  or download it (free) from iTunes

Just the boys

So, as some of you may know, I am starting a new job next week. But before I do I am taking a week off between jobs to spend time with my little buddy. So, here we are on the floor – Ben doing tummy time and really trying to roll over for the first time and me cheering him on and posting here (in an attempt to cover my sins of the past).

Ben trying to roll over

I think I have this rolling over thing almost figured out

Some things learned during guy time:

  • When Benjamin does not want to eat, no amount of logic or debating skills will convince him otherwise. He is stubborn!
  • The best way to get Ben to smile is to roughhouse – something that does not come naturally to a dad who has seen his son hooked up to a million things in the NICU. But throwing him in the air, play biting his cheeks and pretending there is an earthquake makes him laugh and smile every time.
  • Trying to fit in a bath, a diaper change and a feeding while alone and Amy is at the store only ends with diapers everywhere, bath soap all over the floor and tears – so many tears.
I am excited about the new job next week, but I could see getting used to hanging out with Ben (wearing pajamas all day also is pretty sweet).
Amy and Ben in bed

I know the post is called "Just the Boys" but the boys spend a lot of time with this girl too.

Fungus Puns

Do not worry – Ben does not have a fungal infection again. That is not why I’m talking about Fungus Puns today. You see, everyday I check the dashboard of the blog, that, among other things, shows what people have searched for that brought them here. One of the top terms that people search for and click through to get here is, strangely, “Fungus Puns.” I suppose it’s because of the post titled “All Out of Fungus Puns” but it’s funny that so many people are looking for puns about fungi.

As a guy who works in marketing, I know an untapped market when I see one. So, I know this blog _is_ called “All About the Benjamin Baby“, I beg your forgiveness while I give the people what they want – Fungus Puns.  (For the record, I believe puns are the lowest form of humor).

  • A mushroom walks into a bar, sits down and orders a drink. The bartender says “We don’t serve mushrooms here.” The mushroom says, “Why not? I’m a fun guy!”
  • Why did the fungus send flowers to his mom? It was the yeast he could do!
  • What sort of dessert does a fungus bring to a party? A jello mold!
  • What do fungi enjoy around a campfire? S’pores!
  • Why did the algae and the fungus get married? They took a lichen to each other.
  • And a bonus for the hardcore fungus dorks: What does a fungus get with his burger? Elias Magnus Fries (founding father of the modern taxonomy of mushrooms)
I deeply deeply apologize for this post. I couldn’t help myself…