Just the boys

So, as some of you may know, I am starting a new job next week. But before I do I am taking a week off between jobs to spend time with my little buddy. So, here we are on the floor – Ben doing tummy time and really trying to roll over for the first time and me cheering him on and posting here (in an attempt to cover my sins of the past).

Ben trying to roll over

I think I have this rolling over thing almost figured out

Some things learned during guy time:

  • When Benjamin does not want to eat, no amount of logic or debating skills will convince him otherwise. He is stubborn!
  • The best way to get Ben to smile is to roughhouse – something that does not come naturally to a dad who has seen his son hooked up to a million things in the NICU. But throwing him in the air, play biting his cheeks and pretending there is an earthquake makes him laugh and smile every time.
  • Trying to fit in a bath, a diaper change and a feeding while alone and Amy is at the store only ends with diapers everywhere, bath soap all over the floor and tears – so many tears.
I am excited about the new job next week, but I could see getting used to hanging out with Ben (wearing pajamas all day also is pretty sweet).
Amy and Ben in bed

I know the post is called "Just the Boys" but the boys spend a lot of time with this girl too.


9 thoughts on “Just the boys

  1. I didn’t know about the new job. Congratulations and best wishes for a continued upward moving career. That not eating thing Benjamin does is not from the Costanzo side of the family! I love the Benjamin updates…keep ’em coming.

  2. Glad to see you back in charge Joe!! Just stay home and make blog entries twice daily and send Amy back to work ๐Ÿ™‚ Love you Amy!!!!

  3. As I have mentioned, I can totally relate to the not eating thing. Stubborn Lily! She had to be seriously entertained whenever she was eating. (Still needs the tv on or a book to look at while chowing down). But we would give her the bottle with music on or holding it/her while walking around, in the swing, whatever it took. Solid foods were a positive change though and I’m hoping its the same for you. Good luck! Some day, you will say “slow down Ben…take smaller bites…second helpings?” ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Jamie, that rings a million bells- I find myself pacing around the house while I feed Ben! Sometimes we sneak food in while he’s asleep- it’s maddening! He’s really not doing that badly, but he seems to have hit a wall; he’s not increasing his feeds at all, and he’s slightly below our “target” every day- some more than others. Thanks for giving me some hope in the future! I’m hoping solids are easier for us too!

  4. I’m new to your site. I found it via another preemie blog. I love your humor, so important with a preemie. It gets easier. We have two preemie boys, a 28 weeker and a 32 weeker. The 28wk is doing well. He does speech, develpomental and occupational therapies. He loves all of them, since it’s all play based. Not only that, he’s one of the funniest people I have ever met. Our 32 wk was born in December and is doing pretty well. He may need glasses in a year, but we’re not sure yet. Currently, he’s trying to walk. Please visit our site if you ever have time. It goes all the way to the beginning. Disregard the fact that our 2 yr old is half dressed. He likes to disrobe.

  5. Just discovered your blog and love your humor. It’s key when you have a preemie. We have two boys one born at 28wks and our newest at 32wks. Both were hard to feed and now they can’t get enough.

    • Thanks Mia! Your boys are adorable! We are looking forward to the day when Ben can’t get enough – that will be wonderful. Hoping it will get better with solids.

      • Trust me, I did the begging too. Finally my dr told me to just wait until he cried. In my case I was feeding him when he wasn’t hungry. I kept trying to put him on the hospital schedule, but it wasn’t working. Sorry for the double post.

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