Roll-y Smiley Benjamin

I came home today after being away for work for a couple of days and found my super smiley little guy. Amy did a great job by herself the past few days – I mean look how happy he is!20111028-225324.jpg

He also rolled over for the first time today! (Twice!) Amy was out of the apartment when it happened so I am not sure if she believes me – but I was there and saw it. Granted, it was on the couch and the cushion was a little slanted – but I’m counting it.

While I was gone Amy and Benjamin met with the Early Intervention folks to review the evaluations, set goals and make the therapy plans. Hopefully starting next week Benjamin will be getting physical therapy and vision therapy twice a week each. Glad it’s finally starting – Benjamin has a lot of catching up to do.

Amy also got Ben’s costume delivered today – he is going to be super cute on Monday for the Jackson Heights Halloween Parade. Photos will be posted for sure.


2 thoughts on “Roll-y Smiley Benjamin

  1. I knew you could do it Benjamin! I’m glad Daddy was there to see it. That makes it extra special. Good work!! I love you so much. I guess we’re not getting any hints about your costume. I can’t wait to see the pictures.

  2. Oh how beautiful. He is such a lovable happy little fella. The picture you took of me holding Benjamin at your moms came out sooo great I had Chris print it and I carry it around in my wallet. Keep those pictures coming and Happy Halloween to Benjamin, may his 1st Trick or Treat experience be a wonderful one.

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