Outbreak Monkey and Early Intervention

No amount of purell or handwashing or leaving my shoes by the door would save me this past week. Last Sunday I started feeling a little “off” and by Wednesday when I finally got to a doctor he told me I had “early pneumonia.” When I started feeling sick I also started keeping my distance from Benjamin, which was hard since I just came back from a trip. I was, of course, paranoid about having already exposed him to my germs before any of my symptoms showed up. In fact, I still am. I am feeling much better now but we have been watching Ben like a hawk to make sure he didn’t catch anything. So far so good, but I am worried that this will be a long winter of me asking Amy “Does he feel warm to you?”

In actual Benjamin news – it was a busy week for our boy. Early intervention finally started and he had two sessions each of visual and physical therapies. The visual therapist called Ben “a very strong kid” and has already brought toys for him to interact with and stimulate his vision. Benjamin has gotten to play with a lightbox and may get his own soon. She thinks that Benjamin is even tracking some items with his left eye – the one that we pretty much gave up hope on.

The physical therapist also seemed very positive was happy with his muscle tone. She did exercises with him to help build his core strength and showed Amy things we can do with Ben in between sessions. Amy says Ben likes the sessions and it is mostly like play – so what’s not to like?

Cute Ben

The therapists both thought Benjamin was adorable!

Benjamin is even showing improvements in pushing himself up and moving his head around when on his belly. We’re sure he’ll see more improvements as he get more sessions.


4 thoughts on “Outbreak Monkey and Early Intervention

  1. OMG, that picture is SO cute! I showed it to my baby and he laughed!

  2. Those dimples are the cutest. What great news about the tracking, sounds promising.
    My son loves his therapists. He asks for them by name. I have yet to meet a preemie therapist I didn’t like, and the work they do is priceless.

  3. He really is one happy baby. So cute!

  4. Happy 9 Months (5 months corrected) Benjamin!!! I can’t remember life without you. I love you so much. Keep up all the good work. You are amazing.

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