Front to Back

This afternoon I saw my parents and brother (Benjamin had to stay at home with Joe), and they all asked me how Benjamin was and what he was doing. Benjamin has been gaining a lot of strength and is super cute, but he hasn’t done anything particularly noteworthy since Joe allegedly saw him roll over on the couch. The rest of Ben’s very ardent attempts at rolling over have looked something like this:

Despite some champion leg flinging, as you can tell (and I so helpfully illuminate in the video) he has trouble tucking his arm underneath so that he can roll over it.

After I got home, Joe went out to walk the dog and Benjamin got some tummy time as I folded laundry. Then I noticed something weird. Benjamin was on his back when I checked on him over the stack of burp cloths, even though I distinctly remembered putting him on his belly. So, naturally I grabbed the video camera (proof!) and flipped Benjamin onto his belly. Almost immediately he was on his back. He did this one more time- three rolls total- before that darn arm got in the way again.

We have faith that he’ll figure it out again though- hopefully while both of us are in the room at the same time!


11 thoughts on “Front to Back

  1. Way to go, Ben!! That first roll is the hardest… Now that it’s out of the way, WATCH OUT!! xx

  2. Awesome!! He is so darn cute. I love seeing the videos!

  3. Ben just keeps getting cuter and cuter! His rolls look so strong and purposeful. He certainly has come a long way. Keep up the good work, Ben! We can’t wait to meet you in person. Love, Robin and Jim Adamski

  4. And then when he finally did it it looked so easy! no grunting, no flaying. Silly baby.

  5. Congratulations on his milestone!!

  6. Super awesome! GO Mr. Benjamin!

  7. He’s doing so well, rolling over is hard work. Pretty soon you’ll come in the room and find him wedged under the couch. Let the fun times begin.

  8. Rock and Roll Ben! Keep up the good growth.

  9. Wow!!! That was GREAT. I had to watch it twice to make sure it was really Benjamin and not his “stunt double.”

  10. To paraphrase Alabama fans, “Roll, Ben, Roll!”

  11. Now you will REALLY have to baby proof the house! What joy that little man brings to everyone. So much to be thankful for next week on Thanksgiving (and every day!).

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