World Prematurity Day

November is Prematurity Month and today (what’s left of it) is World Prematurity Day. So we wanted to do our part to spread some awareness around. Some info:

  • In the United States, 1 in 8 babies is born prematurely that’s about 543,000 babies a year
  • Worldwide, 13 million babies are born too soon each year
  • Babies born just a few weeks early are at risk of severe health problems and lifelong disabilities.
  • Premature birth is the number 1 killer of newborns.
  • Tonight, the Empire State Building will be glowing purple and white in honor of March of Dimes and World Prematurity Day.

So do your part – don’t be born early. Even if all your friends are doing it. Just say No.

And you can donate to a worthy charity such as Graham’s Foundation. We mentioned them before – they are a great organization that supports families of micropreemies with care packages, information and community. We are fans.

It seems like a million years ago and like yesterday.


Benjamin's first days - born at 23 weeks, 3 days - 1 lbs, 12 oz


3 thoughts on “World Prematurity Day

  1. Wow, look at that tiny boy. Sometimes you forget, but only briefly. It’ll always feel like yesterday. These little guys are a constant reminder of how lucky we are.

    I like your message. “Don’t be born early.” You should make t-shirts.
    Benjamin is guaranteed to have a great sense of humor.

  2. And some people say that there is no God. Now just look at Benjamin and tell me that he’s not miracle. What a beautiful life. Love you.

  3. That picture of Ben took my breath away! Was he really ever that small? It’s hard to believe that our little man endured so much! With such strong parents he is destined to be a winner! Love you Benjamin! Thank you for teaching us patience, love and determination!

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