Giving Thanks and an update

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. This morning as I was explaining today’s holiday to Benjamin (“…and then the pilgrims and the native Americans enjoyed a feast together and everyone was happy… except that probably didn’t happen and the story actually ends pretty badly for the indigenous people… but anyway they had turkey”) I made sure to tell him all of the things we are grateful for. One of the things we are most grateful for, of course, is that we have him in our lives. To that he said “GA!” and grabbed my finger. I’m not sure if that translates to “right back atcha dad” or “you are super cheesy.”

Benjamin has been doing so well lately – turning over like a champ and doing so great with his therapies. Tonya, his vision therapist, was here yesterday and said that she thought he was doing fantastic, especially with social interactions. He is just so giggly lately. He really wants people to talk to him and tickle him and bite his cheeks. And he’s babbling up a storm – mostly “Ba! Eee! Ga! Iii!”and the like – but he has a lot to say.

He also went to the eye surgeon recently and got an update. The doctor said he still doesn’t think he’s ready for additional surgery, but he was very happy with how his eyes were looking. He thought they grew more than he expected and was happy there was some retinal activity. The doctor actually said that he had expected Ben’s eyes to be shriveled by this visit but that they were doing well. That was information I wish we had. I think we might have panicked if his eyes really did begin to shrivel.

Ben also visited his pediatrician who thought he was doing great, but wants us to keep an eye on his weight. Ben hasn’t been growing very fast lately – mostly because he wasn’t eating all that great (he is a very difficult child to feed). But Benjamin must have heard that because since that visit, he’s been eating so well! Hopefully next visit he will jump up a few percentiles (he’s in the 2nd for his adjusted age now I think).

So lots to be thankful for! We hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful, no one argues politics, everyone has just the right amount of wine, and your yams don’t fight with your sweet potatoes.

Come back for photos of Benjamin and family later!


7 thoughts on “Giving Thanks and an update

  1. That’s GREAT news!!!

  2. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Joe, Amy, and Ben. You truly do have a lot to be thankful for. Ben is such a treasure! Love, Robin & Jim

  3. Overall, sounds like great progress. All the early intervention is paying off. I wonder too what I wish the drs had and had not told us.

    Preemies are hard to feed. I used to sweat when I was feeding both boys, I was so nervous they cough or not eat at all. Mine came home on monitors so I was always scared their heart rate was going to fall or they’d cough. I used to worry they weren’t eating enough. Sometimes they’d only eat an ounce. That part was scary. Then I told my dr they seemed to fight me during feedings. In my case I wasn’t listening to their signals, I was just feeding every 3 hrs. Turns out both of my guys only needed 4-5 bottles a day and then they were eating full bottles. They’re all just so different.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. Give Ben an extra big hug for us. We are Thankful for all things especitally coming to know you. Love you. The Kaisers

  5. What an extra special Thanksgiving this year! I PROMISE that the feedings do get better. Lily was impossible and is still tough but definitely easier once solid food started. Hopefully Ben will be too. And she’s never been above the 10th percentile…some kids are just petite! He’s doing so well though- just stay as patient as you possibly can. I know how exhausting those feedings can be. Next Thanksgiving he’ll be gobbling up platefuls of treats!

  6. Preemies can be tough to feed. Glad to hear he’s doing so well 🙂

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