So a wonderful Thanksgiving was had by all and Benjamin got to see so much of his family. He even got to meet his new cousin Kaia who was up from North Carolina. They held hands – it was adorable.

Lots of photos were taken. However, those photos are on the camera forgotten at Amy’s cousin’s house. Fortunately, we have a few shots we got from my phone we can share of Ben with family:

Ben and Uncle Kevin

Ben and Uncle Kevin discuss the finer points of long hospital stays

Aunt Chrissie and Benjamin

Aunt Chrissie explains to Benjamin how Kaia can teach him about eating if he can teach her about sleeping

Aunt Rosie

Aunt Rosie gives Benjamin the giggles


7 thoughts on “Family

  1. Glad to read all the good news. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving and hope the rest of your holidays coming up are filled with as much good news and joy if not more as now.

  2. He looks so big in the pictures! I need to see him soon before he’s taller than me!

  3. You don’t know me, but I have a connection with you and your story. I delivered twin boys at 24 weeks gestation. Sadly, one of my son’s did not make it. My surviving son spent 171 days in the NICU, just shy of his six month birthday. On his actual 6 month birthday we were admitted for the 1st of the next six months in the PICU. Jack is now almost 6 years old, he turns six the day after christmas. I just want to let you know that no matter what anyone says, or thoughts that come to mind – You did an amazing job with your son. As I look at it with my child, he survived because he was meant to be here. God, and only God, can take him away. No medical intervention could have saved them if it wasn’t meant to be. These little miracles, expensive ones, but miracles none the less are here for a reason. If nothing more, it gives proof to the word “miracle”. I enjoyed reading your blog, hopefully Ben will continue to progress and become a wonderfully vivacious toddler. Early intervention is the best, and you are both his biggest advocates. Don’t ever think you are being too pushy when it comes to your child, you do know him best.

  4. Iv been following his story from when it was posted on the Pprom site, hes so gorgous! i hope you dont mind me posting a link to your blog on my Pprom group to give ladys going through this hope xx heres a link to the group

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