A Merry Christmas for Benjamin

It was a very merry Christmas for everyone around here. It’s been a long long year for us and it was really nice to celebrate the holidays with the family. This time last year we were just getting our first presents for our son who we were not expecting until June, nothing but hope as far as the eye could see, all of the scary stuff of 2011 still ahead of us.

Twelve months later we spent a wonderful holiday with our family and Benjamin, now over ten months old. And once again, nothing but hope for the year ahead.

Benjamin riding on his rocking dragon

Yee-haw dragon friend! Christmas rocks!

Benjamin got some great presents – too many presents! I think everyone was a bit excited for Ben’s first Christmas. Our poor little apartment is busting at the gills. He also got to spend some more time with his cousin Kaia up from NC.

Benjamin has also been very busy himself. He has made a ton of progress on his physical therapy and is a champion sitter (for a short while) and he can now roll from his back to his front. This means he can roll 360 and does so now, ending up miles from wherever we lay him down on the floor. He’s also getting better at pulling himself around on the floor. Now that he’s mobile this is a whole different ballgame.

Ben also has been trying some solid foods with varying degrees of success. The rice cereal mostly got eaten, but the avocado we got to see twice.

Benjamin eating food for the first time

"Not sure how I feel about this food thing"

At his 6-month high-risk assessment they thought Benjamin was doing well and that he was only a little behind his corrected age, testing at 5.5 months. That’s not bad considering how long he was in the hospital.

Benjamin and his light box

Benjamin and his new lightbox


8 thoughts on “A Merry Christmas for Benjamin

  1. He looks great! I love the photo of him with the spoon in his mouth!

  2. Thats really great about his assessment. He’s just going to keep thriving. It looks like he loves his light box too.
    I love the dragon, he’s going to love riding that thing.

  3. I love reading Benjamin’s updates. Maggie and Benjamin were due only 2 days apart and although she was full term, he has officially passed her in the rolling over skills. She can only go from her back to her tummy then gets stuck. She can sit though, for a bit. Tell Benjamin that Maggie didn’t like Avocado’s either, hehe.

    Christine (aka SweetMama)

  4. He looks like he enjoys the dragon!

  5. I love the light box photo. Enjoying him thriving. Thanks for sharing!

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