How did 11 months pass already?

Eleven months! One-One! That’s 31 days until 1 year!

Things have been good in Benjaminland. He has now hit 14 pounds at his last doctor appointment, which is great, but he’s still very small even for his adjusted age. Feeding has been on and off difficult, but one of Ben’s therapists is making a recommendation for a feeding therapist.  If gets approved it could really help, especially as we increase the solids – which right now just makes him puke.

Ben is getting really good at pushing himself up and seems much more interested in moving around. He’s getting to be a strong little guy. We are also hoping to start occupational therapy too. What sort of occupation could Benjamin have, you ask? Well right now his occupation (as listed on the census) is “baby”. So that’s what he’d work on – baby stuff. Though at this rate we’ll have to put in a waiting room at our apartment for all the therapists coming and going.

So lots of 11-month cuteness for you, including a giggle video (and yes – that’s a Steelers shirt from uncle Jamie… no one tell Benjamin about today’s game ok?):


15 thoughts on “How did 11 months pass already?

  1. When I watched the video I couldn’t keep myself from smiling. What a happy little guy. Happy 11 months Benjamin!

  2. What a sweet little giggle Ben has! It is so good to see everyone so happy. I can’t wait to meet Ben in person soon.

  3. I love seeing pics but lately videos have been my favorite so I really enjoyed seeing this clip, he looks so happy! I love seeing clips of babies laughing and he is just too cute! Kepp posting as much as ya can cuz I love every bit of it! Glad that he is doing well and doing all them therapists is really GREAT! He will be doing so much better and he’s gonna be a smart boy too cuz of it besides having his parents 😀
    Aren’t ya excited that next month ur baby be 1?! Happy 11 months Ben!

  4. Man, he is adorable. I think I may need to play that when I’m feeling down. I love his laugh. What could be better than the sound of a baby laughing. I may just have to share this with my friends.

  5. Hey there,

    A while ago I listened to your story on the Risk! podcast. It was pretty late at night, but by the time the story was done all I could think was: I. Must. Know. What. Happens! I found your blog and spent the rest of the night reading every post.

    Your blog and your posts about beautiful Benjamin never cease to make me smile. He is the most adorable baby and I love hearing about his life.

    I just wanted to let you know how much your story has inspired me, and become a part of my daily pick-me-up.

    Congrats on 11 months!

    • Aranea,
      Thanks so much. It means so much to us. We find it incredible to think that Benjamin has touched so many people we never met. Thanks for reading!

  6. Love you Ben. your beautiful.

  7. LOVE those giggles and LOVE him in that xmas box.

  8. oh, i can’t stand the cuteness!!! stop it!!! 🙂

  9. So happy to see Benjamin in action! And holy cow…Woods!!! I can’t believe how incredibly tiny this bear seems. Grinning from ear to ear after this post. Happy New Year!!!

  10. GREAT post Joe!!! I love the photo of Benjamin and Woods. It is truely shocking just how much bigger he is.

  11. What did you do to Woods? Put him in the dryer? I can’t believe Ben is “small” he looks like such a meatball! The giggling video is fantastic, there’s nothing like those squeals of delight…he is very loved.

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