A full weekend!

We have had a fun weekend with Benjamin getting to see lots of family. First Carol and family visited and her kids got to meet Ben for the first time. It was really nice to have everyone together. We played some games and ate some NYC pizza and Benjamin had some stories read to him and showed off all his new tricks.

And the next day we celebrated Amy’s brother Kevin’s birthday. Ben’s Gram got him some Giants gear and since the Steelers are out Ben thought it was ok to root for the Giants with his uncle and the rest of Amy’s family. Turns out he’s a good luck charm and the Giants won.

All this visiting does a number on Benjamin though – it really screws up his eating for some reason. The smallest change in schedule and level of stuff going on throws him for a loop and then the next few days he makes it so hard to feed him. Hopefully this will get better but right now it is super frustrating.


4 thoughts on “A full weekend!

  1. He’s really turning into a little boy. The Trysten picture is too funny. He’s like, “Young man you put me down this instant.”
    Ugh, feeding. Those stupid bottles frustrate and worry, don’t they. He’ll get it though. His body is just going to keep getting stronger and stronger.

  2. Sorry to hear about the feeding problems Joe. But…it was GREAT seeing him.

  3. It’s so wonderful to see him so happy and active…and he’s so handsome! It’s hard to believe that a child with even an ounce of Costanzo blood in him would be a difficult eater. Maybe he was on strike because you didn’t give him any pizza!

  4. Ben looks MUCH better in Giants gear!! 🙂 Kaia has the same onesie 🙂

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