Learning to crawl, evaluators and check-ups

This boy wants to crawl so badly! He is almost there too. So far he is able to get on all fours by himself and pushes with his legs, but he forgets to move his arms or lift his head. So he doesn’t get very far very fast. The whole thing keeps him up at night. We find him in the middle of the night shouting, trying to crawl, but fast asleep. Once he can start to move, we are in a lot of trouble, because even just with rolling, he can get all over the place.

This long weekend Benjamin finally got his evaluations for both feeding/speech and occupational therapies. The evaluations were very interesting, and I’m glad I was able to be home for them. The feeding evaluation was done by a speech therapist because… speech and feeding both use tongues? That sounds right. Anyway, he got to see Ben puke after trying to eat solids and gave us hope that things could improve with help. It was weird going over Benjamin’s medical history again – had to dust off that part of our brain to remember all the scary details. Though looking at Ben while we walked the evaluators through all of that made it seem like we were talking about an entirely different baby. In the end both evaluators will be recommending services, and once they get accepted by the state we hope they will start quickly.

Now quickly is a relative term it seems and it sounds like we will need to push this along in order for it to happen in a reasonable time. Funding for early intervention has been cut over the last few years and they aren’t chomping at the bit to give out services. And this coming year it might get worse. The governor has submitted a budget that in effect cuts all State money to early intervention – making insurance companies cover the services. After dealing with insurance companies more than we ever wanted to I can tell you this will only lead to less services for everyone. If it ends up going through it will be an extremely short-sighted policy. Early intervention is meant to reduce costs in the long run by helping kids grow up to need less (or no) services as adolescents and adults. So yeah…

In other Ben news – he had his 12 month doctor’s check up and everything checked out. He is still small for his corrected age – just 14 lbs, 12 oz. but he’s growing. He also got some shots, including his synagis (It’s still RSV season). Other than that he was a happy healthy baby for the doc.

And now I will leave you with a cute photo of a boy and his dog:

Sleepy baby, sleepy pup

Sleepy baby, sleepy pup


Happy Valentine’s Day!

We’ve had a busy birthday week filled with parties and fun. Benjamin has even developed a taste for icing!

There has been a lot of growing going on here- Benjamin is pushing up onto all fours in preparation for crawling and has been sitting for longer periods of time. He’s been rolling and fussing all times of the day and night when he’s not busy eating his feet. I have a feeling when Benjamin starts to go, he’s not going to stop! It’s probably time that we look into really baby proofing around here!

We’ve also been anticipating the arrival of some teeth. One is right on the cusp of making it’s appearance, and we’ll all be much happier when it’s here- especially Benjamin! The poor baby is very uncomfortable.

Ben with LOVE blocks

two years of footprints

Little feet growing- Valentine's Day 2011 and 2012

Happy First Birthday Benjamin!

One year ago… We had just come back to New York after spending a few days with Carol and things seemed stable enough to go home. That next day was a Monday and I had hardly gotten through my morning emails when Carol called to say they were bringing her to delivery for an emergency c-section. Amy got in the car, picked me up and we headed to Pennsylvania as fast as we could. It was very hard to imagine this ending well. The doctor called us when we were just outside of Lancaster. Our baby was born just after 1pm. He was critical but stable. The doctor urged us to get there quickly.

We named him when we saw him for the first time in the NICU. A tiny little nothing hooked up to a million machines. The doctors looked pretty glum and everything they said was an “if” and a “we don’t know”.

When he was first born, some people didn’t know what to say to us. They didn’t know if they should say “I’m sorry” or congratulate us – because they didn’t know what the next day would bring. But Amy and I knew that no matter what we had something to celebrate. Every extra hour we had with him, even in the little plexiglas box was an hour more than we thought we had.

And all the “ifs” became “whens” and Benjamin surprised the doctors at every turn.

And now a year later. There were a lot of days we didn’t think we’d be here. Benjamin home, healthy, growing. A little laughing silly guy. A one year old!

It was an amazing year and we both look forward to another year of getting to know our little guy. He’s going to keep on surprising everyone, just you wait.