Happy First Birthday Benjamin!

One year ago… We had just come back to New York after spending a few days with Carol and things seemed stable enough to go home. That next day was a Monday and I had hardly gotten through my morning emails when Carol called to say they were bringing her to delivery for an emergency c-section. Amy got in the car, picked me up and we headed to Pennsylvania as fast as we could. It was very hard to imagine this ending well. The doctor called us when we were just outside of Lancaster. Our baby was born just after 1pm. He was critical but stable. The doctor urged us to get there quickly.

We named him when we saw him for the first time in the NICU. A tiny little nothing hooked up to a million machines. The doctors looked pretty glum and everything they said was an “if” and a “we don’t know”.

When he was first born, some people didn’t know what to say to us. They didn’t know if they should say “I’m sorry” or congratulate us – because they didn’t know what the next day would bring. But Amy and I knew that no matter what we had something to celebrate. Every extra hour we had with him, even in the little plexiglas box was an hour more than we thought we had.

And all the “ifs” became “whens” and Benjamin surprised the doctors at every turn.

And now a year later. There were a lot of days we didn’t think we’d be here. Benjamin home, healthy, growing. A little laughing silly guy. A one year old!

It was an amazing year and we both look forward to another year of getting to know our little guy. He’s going to keep on surprising everyone, just you wait.


20 thoughts on “Happy First Birthday Benjamin!

  1. Happy first Birthday, Benjamin!!! You’ve come so far and so much further for you to go. (excuse the bad grammar!)

  2. Happy birthday to a strong little guy!! This post left mw with a warmed heart, and goose bumps. Love ya all!!

  3. Happy Birthday, Benjamin!!! May the Lord continue to bless you.

  4. You’re a one year old package of joy, Benjamin! We can’t wait to hear about all your achievements this coming year, as well. You are a remarkable little player and you just scored a fantastic touchdown! Good job, Ben!

  5. Happy 1st Birthday! Wonderful video – he certainly has come a long way.

  6. Happy Birthday Benjamin!! You are a blessing from God, and you have been blessed with wonderful, loving parents.

  7. Way to start my morning with waterworks…. nothing like a good 1 year old slide show to make this mama all weepy. When do I get to play with him too????? Happy Day for everyone! (I hope he liked cake….)

  8. Happy 1st Birthday Benjamin! I’m so glad to see how big you’ve gotten and how smiley you are!

  9. Happy Birthday Ben & Mummy & Daddy can’t wait to meet you x

  10. Happy Birthday Ben. I hope you enjoyed your cake. I bet your parents are right, and you are going to keep surprising everyone.

  11. The three of you look so young! Only Benjamin appears to have aged over the past year. Keep up the good work, mommy and daddy. I can feel the love all the way from here. And that video is loverly.

  12. Also fun fact – the container I am carrying in the first photo contains all of our embryos when we had to drive them from NYC to New Jersey. Roadtrip with the kids!

  13. You guys sure know how to make me cry. I love you all tremendously. Happy birthday dear sweet Benjamin.

  14. Happy birthday Benjamin!!!

  15. WOW, I LOVED the video!!!! Thanks for sharing. Ben is doing great. I know he has many more suprises in store for you. Hug and love him. Dreams DO come true!!! Miss you.

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