Happy Valentine’s Day!

We’ve had a busy birthday week filled with parties and fun. Benjamin has even developed a taste for icing!

There has been a lot of growing going on here- Benjamin is pushing up onto all fours in preparation for crawling and has been sitting for longer periods of time. He’s been rolling and fussing all times of the day and night when he’s not busy eating his feet. I have a feeling when Benjamin starts to go, he’s not going to stop! It’s probably time that we look into really baby proofing around here!

We’ve also been anticipating the arrival of some teeth. One is right on the cusp of making it’s appearance, and we’ll all be much happier when it’s here- especially Benjamin! The poor baby is very uncomfortable.

Ben with LOVE blocks

two years of footprints

Little feet growing- Valentine's Day 2011 and 2012


5 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. “Happy Valentine” you guys! Love the footprint comparison.
    Love Dany

  2. he looks so grown up in that picture. And very cute and pudgy so he must be eating. Love the feet from last year and this year. Wow.

  3. That feet picture is just amazing! What a marvelous valentine’s present to have such a growing child!

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