So long Fluconazole!

Six months! Benjamin has been home for six months – and while he’s still not yet at the “been home longer than in the hospital” milestone, six months does mean something great. At this month’s Infectious Disease check up at CHONY (after making sure his bones look good) they officially took Ben off Fluconazol. He has been on that orally since before he left the hospital (following the 6-week IV course {with a chaser of micafungin}) to make super-duper sure they killed the fungus, killed the fungus’s family, friends, co-workers and pets, burned down the fungus’s house, salted the earth, unfriended the fungus, cut out the fungus from the photos from spring break, etc.

So this means he is not on any major meds any more (a small dose of prevacid is all that’s left). And now we get to test my long-held theory that the fluconazole was affecting Ben’s appetite and taste (supposedly a common side effect) and was the reason he hates eating so much.

Now fluconazole has a long half-life so won’t be out of Benjamin’s system for up to four days – but it’s already been a couple of days and so far there hasn’t been any improvement. I’m still holding out hope that my theory is right and he’ll start eating like a champ again… fingers crossed.

In other news – there is no news. You might be wondering why we haven’t posted in a while – but it’s just because we are sort of in a rut here. And personally I’m finding it a little depressing. Benjamin is still working on that tooth, still working on trying to crawl, still at almost the exact weight for weeks and weeks. Amy has the right attitude and reminds me that Ben is just doing things in his own time – but I’m impatient.

Anyway – here’s a high point from the weekend when Ben briefly like food and fed himself for a little bit. Ain’t he cute?



8 thoughts on “So long Fluconazole!

  1. I just stumbled across your blog and am now following. Benjamin is a beautiful baby. I hope he regains a desire to eat very soon. πŸ™‚

  2. Drink Ben Drink!!!!! Good Boy.

  3. I’d say feeding himself is pretty huge. Actually, both of mine took forever to hold their own bottle.
    My first preemie took his time doing everything. Preemies just do that, so don’t be discouraged. Just when you give up hope, they do something major.
    Going off that med must be a relief too. Soon he won’t even need that stinkin’ prevacid. I accidentally got some of that on my hand once and tasted it, just terrible.
    I understand that you get discouraged. From time to time I do too, reminding myself how I just prayed for them to come home is a good wake up call. Our first is in speech therapy and he’s super stubborn about it. Sometimes he speaks all day and then other times he just grunts. It can be very trying.
    I guess just cuddle him while you can, once he crawls you’ll be begging him to stop to do that, and he’ll just want to explore.
    Keep the pictures coming, he’s such a cute little dude.

  4. Happy no-more-anitfungals Day!

    I am not sure what gift would be appropriate for such an occasion…. so I will pass on my good wishes…..

    … and I know i say this from time to time, and I know it is not the same…. but I also have a kid who won’t eat. Like ever…. like I have no idea how she is growing…. (I also has one who eats great….). It is the pits, to this day I feel like horrible parent everytime Lotte refuses a single bite of a meal. i count an entire saltine at dinner time as an awesome dinner experience….. it is hard not to take it personally even though I know better….

    In short…. I commiserate…. and you are not alone (on the general topic of kids eating poorly… again I know Ben’s story and Lotte’s are not the same….).

    • Thanks for the support Kelly – it gets so frustrating… babies have few responsibilities and eating is one of them. I think we may need to fire Ben… or at least give him a poor review. No bonus for him this year. (though the bonus is actually just more formula, I don’t think he cares)

      On the plus side he has eaten a tiny bit of pureed banana two days in a row and did not puke.

  5. It was great to get an update. We look forward to them. Ben is growing more handsome every time I see a new photo. We’re so glad that he is doing so well and, Joe, being in a rut can be good–it sure must beat the nerve-wracking year you had when Ben was in the hospital. You all deserve the much-needed down-time.

  6. Just think about it this way Joe; Benjamin was in such a hurry to get here and meet his awesome Mommy and Daddy (and pretty cool Aunt :-)) that he’s decided all this hurrying is silly, he would rather just take his time and enjoy smiling and giggling with Mommy and Daddy… Teeth and crawling can wait, he’s exactly where he wants to be now πŸ™‚ I love and miss you guys so much!!

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