A Dose of Adorable


14 thoughts on “A Dose of Adorable

  1. Love, love, love that smile. I need to meet this boy already!! xx

  2. Absolutely adorable. Ben is one cute little boy!

  3. He is just too cute I love his dimply smile my fav of this post is pic #2! He such looks good!

  4. Love it!! He is one happy littley guy!

  5. The title is accurate! So effin cute!

  6. That IS a dose of adoptable! Solo cute!

  7. Loving your posts and when I finally get to meet Benjamen in person in May I’ll feel like I already know him. Keep up the excellent parenting.

  8. Looks like Ben is celebrating being off Fluconazole! That smile just makes my day! Just love him to pieces!!!

  9. Seeing these photos made my day. Such a happy little miracle! 🙂

    (Happy St Joseph’s Day, btw!)

  10. Very effing cute. Those dimples are the best.

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