Quick Heads Up

Benjamin has been in the hospital since Sunday. He started having little seizures so we brought him into the ER at CHONY. They have him on an EEG and are running tests to try to figure out what is going on.

What we know so far:

  • This is likely caused by the brain damage from his inter-cranial bleed last year
  • He will likely go home on anti-seizure meds
  • Not much else

It is sort of frustrating not really knowing much – I wish I had better info to share with you and our family. Hopefully we’ll know more today.

Besides having 27 electrodes glued to his head, Benjamin is doing fine. As we say he’s a tough kid.

Amy and I are trying to follow by example.

Two more things: 1. This post was supposed to be about how much he liked to eat peas on Sunday morning. 2. Tomorrow Ben would have been home longer than he was in the hospital. 


10 thoughts on “Quick Heads Up

  1. Sending prayers to you all.

  2. Benjamin can teach us a lot about smiling through the rough times. He’s been through a lot worse than this. Sending lots of hugs.

  3. “tomorrow Ben would have been home longer than he was in the hospital”– sounds like Ben is screwing with you. Viva la peas, and get well soon dear Ben.

  4. Sounds like he’s going to be great, once he gets those electrodes off his noggin. I know a few people with kids on anti seizure drugs and they’re doing great, if that helps at all. I know seizures are scary to watch.
    Peas are like candy to little babies, so glad he loves them. He’ll be home soon, so I think you can still count this as being home longer than he was in the hospital.
    I love that he’s still maintaing his sweet disposition.

  5. you are all in my prayers. I have faith that this is just another small obsticle on the path to better things.

    By the way, I reckon the peas are not to blame! 😉

  6. Love you all! Benjamin didn’t want you getting too used to this “normal stuff.” Always figuring out a new way to stand out, he is. Thinking of you always. Love, nicole

  7. hmm, maybe he really DOESN’T like peas and just wanted to go and charm the nurses with those cheeks and dimples. Just kidding. Go Benjamin — get home soon. It’s almost time to play outside!

  8. Oh I’m so sorry about the re-hospitalization–praying for the best result.

  9. oh boo…. but he is a tough kid and will be fine. he found there is just another lesson he needs to teach all of us, to remind us all of hope and resilience. cuz he is one resilient boy! he’s in all our hearts and prayers…. xo

  10. Come on you little trooper stop scaring your Mummy & Daddy get yourself home to that Puppy he’ll be missing you.

    Prayers sent your way x

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