The whole tooth and nothing but…

It finally happened! A tooth surfaced! In fact, two teeth! Benjamin is very proud of himself. But remember those 7 months in the NICU? The months on TPN? The jaundice? Well that stuff is still following Benjamin around. You can see it in those two little teeth poking out. They are unfortunately discolored from all that stuff. So our little boy will have some brownish baby teeth – but the adult teeth will be normal color. We don’t care- because he finally got teeth! They could be purple for all we care.

Ben is also still sniffly from his cold. Amy took him to the doctor who said his lungs were clear and we should to “wait it out.” This is was a new experience for us- a doctor not recommending the most extreme treatment when something is wrong. “Wait it out?” Maybe Ben is a normal baby now!

Ben loves his momma

Ben loves his momma

In exciting news, Ben won a braille book from one of our favorite baby blogs “Thomas Marshall Does it All” – a wonderful blog about another little boy who is visually impaired and doing amazingly. Thomas and his family are real inspirations to us and we learn a lot from them. Jessica, Thomas’ mother, celebrated the anniversary of her blog with a contest. Thanks, Jessica!


14 thoughts on “The whole tooth and nothing but…

  1. Love, love, love! I hope to meet Mr Benjamin this summer! So glad he is progressing so well! I didn’t get teeth till I was practically 2, so he’s miles ahead of me!! xx

  2. What a gorgeous photo! So much love there! Amy and Ben are just radiant. You are a lucky man.

  3. What an absolutely gorgeous photo. It could win a contest. The adoration for Amy and the look of sheer contentment are radiating from Ben. What a treasure!

  4. Such a charming photo! And such a handsome little person!

  5. Cutest picture ever! I hope we meet Benjamin this summer.

  6. Hey that’s the most perfect picture my first boyfriend had so many meds as a baby every first set of his teeth were dark brown & when his adult teeth came through they were beautiful & pearly white so no worries there.

  7. That picture is so sweet. He’s so happy. My nephews had similar teeth and now they are perfect. Also, I think I have a new blog to follow.

  8. That is THE BEST picture EVER!!!

  9. How cool his 1st tooth (well 2)! And Ben is looking adorable holding his mother in a tight hug! Amy u look WONDERFUL as a mom, this is my 2nd fav pic of u and him!
    Happy Mother’s Day in advance!

  10. Wow! He is really growing and growing up!! Teeth! 🙂

  11. do know how much i love that picture?

  12. That is the most beautiful picture I’ve seen in a long time. ❤ Have fun with those teeth, Benjamin!

  13. Happy Mothers Day Amy and Ben is showing you how much he loves his mommy. Awesome!

  14. This is my favoritest picture yet!! (and there are so many I love!!) I love and miss you guys terribly and can’t wait to get the cousins together so they can play!!

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