How much wood would a Benjamin chuck?

It’s been a while since we’ve done a real update post. Benjamin is doing well these days and continues to be the most cheerful, giggly baby in existence. It’s downright maddening trying to feed him a bottle and he’ll decide it’s funny and just laugh and laugh without drinking anything. And he’s just be too cute to be annoyed at though.

But his feedings are actually pretty good, even if the doctors are not thrilled with his weight gain yet. We’ve begun adding olive oil to his solids now too to add extra calories – maybe that will help.

The exciting news lately is the other night we found Ben standing up in his crib (yelling) – which is a big step since he hadn’t pulled himself up yet. But then we noticed blood just spilling from his mouth all over the place! He was gnawing on the crib rail and cut his gum a little – we stopped it pretty quick but it was scary seeing all that blood. Plus you should have seen the teeth marks he left on the rail! We have since lowered the mattress and added a gummy rail protector.

This all comes as he’s getting three new teeth all at once, too!

He is standing so much better and getting the hand of walking with a push cart. It definitely seems that he’s going to skip right over crawling as predicted.

In other news, Benjamin is loving Music Together classes he started last week with his momma.


Happy Father’s Day 2012

As the clock digitally clicks towards midnight, I want to slip in a post to wish Joseph a happy father’s day. Yesterday Joe got his present- a day on the Brooklyn waterfront with good friends drinking craft beer- and today we got to visit our fathers (and see some wonderful old friends in the process). Joe is an amazing father and partner (and does the heavy lifting on this blog!), and I’m so glad I get to share this adventure with him!



As many of you know, and some of you don’t, the reason that Joe and I had to find the wonderful Carol to be a gestational surrogate for us is because at the age of 27 I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Before they radiated the heck out of me (and determined that putting shields in to lift my ovaries wouldn’t work), I went through a whirlwind egg-retrieval and embryo-making.

I am outrageously lucky and blessed that my treatments worked and today I am very healthy, give or take the missing section of my insides which makes eating french fries a rare luxury. In 2010 I celebrated being 5 years cancer-free by learning how to run (run being very broadly interpreted) and completing my first 4 mile race- the Get Your Rear in Gear run/walk. Last year’s run was put on hold for The Semicolons (get it?) due to the arrival of Mr. Ben, but this year we picked up our running shoes again.

~The 2010 team

This year’s Semicolon’s were quite distinguished. Due to Joe’s t-shirt design skills, we won “Most Creative Team”, and our very own Bill came in 5th overall, which gave him time to run home and freshen up while the rest of us straggled behind (though Cristina came in a respectable 21st for Women). My time was 54min, due mainly to my technique of only running during downhill grades. I didn’t really keep up with my training, and downhill running is way more fun. Even Ben participated, waking the 4 miles in style (his stroller) with his Grandma.

Team Semicolons during the 2012 race
~This year’s “most creative” team

I have to thank everyone who put up with my incessant begging on Facebook, and extra thanks to those who donated, and extra-extra thanks to those brave folks who met us at Prospect Park insanely early on a Sunday morning to support colon cancer awareness and early detection, and of course those that showed up a little later to cheer us at the finish line. To get on my soapbox for a moment, if you have a family history of colorectal cancer, OR are over 50, please get a colonoscopy and catch anything potentially cancerous before it turns into cancer. Trust me. Chemo, radiation and surgery are way less fun than the brief discomfort of a colonoscopy. Colon cancer is the number 2 most fatal cancer, but it is also one of the easiest to detect. And it is not, much to my surprise, an old man’s disease.

Happy Supposed-to-Birthday Benjamin!

Today is June 3rd, the first anniversary of Benjamin’s original due date, or his supposed-to-birthday. That makes him 1 year corrected today (just about 16 months actual). Ben had a fun weekend seeing both his grandmothers as well as some friends in from out-of-town. He also had his first subway ride on Friday and got to visit FAO Schwartz. Our friend Scott played the theme to Elmo’s World on the big piano (made famous in “Big”) to entertain the little ones. Ben also enjoyed watching the Queens Pride parade today – so much music and dancing!

Before we look at new pictures of the supposed-to-birthday boy, a flashback to last year at this time:

One year ago, Benjamin 4 months old on his due date

Oh what a difference a year makes! Here’s Ben today: