Happy Supposed-to-Birthday Benjamin!

Today is June 3rd, the first anniversary of Benjamin’s original due date, or his supposed-to-birthday. That makes him 1 year corrected today (just about 16 months actual). Ben had a fun weekend seeing both his grandmothers as well as some friends in from out-of-town. He also had his first subway ride on Friday and got to visit FAO Schwartz. Our friend Scott played the theme to Elmo’s World on the big piano (made famous in “Big”) to entertain the little ones. Ben also enjoyed watching the Queens Pride parade today – so much music and dancing!

Before we look at new pictures of the supposed-to-birthday boy, a flashback to last year at this time:

One year ago, Benjamin 4 months old on his due date

Oh what a difference a year makes! Here’s Ben today:


8 thoughts on “Happy Supposed-to-Birthday Benjamin!

  1. Happy, Happy Supposed-to-be-Birthday, Benjamin!! Getting cuter every day 🙂

  2. What an inspiring story. Benjamin is a tough, brave baby. His parents great love for him can be seen and felt all over this post. Just beautiful.

  3. Happy Supposed-to-Be Birthday to the Benjamin who was always Supposed-to-Be!

  4. Supposed to be as part of Gods plan. Enjoyed seeing all of you at the wedding.

  5. Happy suppose to be Birthday to you Benjamin who has shown all of us that “suppose to be” means guess what “here I am and doing lots of things my age group does”. I am sure little man, that you will be surprising all of us always!

  6. He is looking great! Way to go Ben.

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