What Ben Did On His Summer Vacation

It’s been a blogging ghost town this summer, but our excuse is that we’ve been keeping ourselves busy.

    • Ben became a regular at the Bryant Park Movie (though he comes for the socializing and leaves before the movie starts), attending 2 films this summer.20120902-121312.jpg
    • Road Trip to Lancaster! We saw some great folks at Women and Babies, got to get snuggles from Elsie and caught up with Carol, Conrad and the kids! Sadly, we forgot to get pictures at the hospital.Carol holding BenElsie holding Ben
    • Had a few family reunions.

CousinsBen sitting on Aunt Mathilda's lap

    • Beach bummed. 20120902-121421.jpg
    • Ben hung out with his grandpa and Bernice while his parents went on a hot air balloon ride.

Jay holding Ben20120902-121523.jpg

  • His Aunt Elisha gave birth to his new friend. Welcome to the world Jerome!
  • Ben went swimming in the pool! 20120902-121548.jpg
  • He went to Newport RI, Portland ME: he went boating, tasted lobster and did all sorts of exploring with his parents. 20120902-121605.jpg
    Joe holding Ben in the fog on the Portland cruiseJoe pushing ben on a swing in Portland, MEfamily photo on the sunset cruise in NewportBen looking mischievous in Newport
  • He hung out with Chay, Becky and Ruby.
    Becky and Ben play at the water table
  • We took a road-trip to the Hamptons. 20120902-121637.jpg
  • Happy first birthday Kaia!!! Ben had so much fun at your party!Kaia and Ben play on a blanketKevin holds BenKaia with her birthday crown
  • He attended his first Mets game- and they won!