Ben on the move!

Benjamin has been moving a lot lately- not quite walking, but not staying in one place! He’s also not-quite crawling, but he gets around. He’s cruising all over the living room furniture and is pretty sure he doesn’t need to hold on.

Here he is with his push-toy. Joe wants me to note that we took this video late in the day, after he had been walking around quite a bit, and this is not the best example of his almost-solo walking prowess. Also, keep an eye on Cayman. He’s pretty funny.

For you photo-hungry folks, here’s a sampling of some of this fall. Halloween might get pre-empted by Hurricane Sandy, but luckily Ben already got to try out his costume at the Bay Ridge Raggamuffin Parade. He had a lot of fun walking with Jack, Jerome and their families! Hopefully we’ll get to go to the Jackson Heights parade on Wednesday!

Baby chews on corner of laptop screen

Apples are Ben’s favorite fruit!

Smiling Mom and Baby in carrier biting strap
On our way to the Fall Festival!

Baby dressed in cow costume