Baby no more: Birthday Boy Benjamin

It’s Benjamin’s birthday today! I remember right after Ben was born and things were moment by moment, when we watched for the clock to hit 1:04 the next day so we could celebrate 24 hours – thinking about two years was so far from our thoughts that finding ourselves here already is disorienting.

To be honest, last year it felt a little strange on Ben’s birthday celebrating the anniversary of our scariest day ever. Yes- we were celebrating the whole year since he was born, but February 7 2011 was a rough rough day (Again so much thanks to Carol for her amazingness). But this year it feels so much better. It’s 100% celebration this year!

Ben will be spending the weekend with us and family and friends to celebrate his special day (if the blizzard holds off long enough) but we were able to do a little birthday-ing tonight. Here is some super cute evidence of our two(!) year old.

Benjamin plays with his new abacus

Birthday Present: Abacus! Best. Toy. Ever.

Ben sits at his new table

A table for me? You shouldn’t have!

Ben sits on a rocking chair and looks down at the stuffed bear on his lap

Remember when you were bigger than me?

Ben and his stuffed bear sit laughing on a chair.

That’s hilarious.

Ben sits at his table and feels a basket of felt fruit from Ikea.

Fake fruit. Interesting choice for a present…


11 thoughts on “Baby no more: Birthday Boy Benjamin

  1. Happy Birthday, Benjamin!

  2. Happy happy Birthday,Ben!!!!! Great photos. Have a wonderful Birthday Party.

  3. Happy Birthday to my amazing grandson! Love you so much!

  4. Happy Birthday! I think we need an abacus.

  5. Happy Birthday!!!!

  6. GREAT Pictures. See you soon Bejamin (we hope).

  7. Happy Birthday Kiddo! So great to see that smile.

  8. Happy Happy Birthday Ben! I feel so blessed to have been able to share your Birthday with you and your parents. 🙂

  9. Happy Birthday Benjamin! Lucy turned 3 on 2/7 as well and I thought of Benjamin too,

  10. Happy Belated Birthday! The pictures are great, especially the laughter with the bear and the perplexed forehead with the fruit. The imagination and curiosity are great to see.

  11. What about the other Birthday Boy? Happy Birthday Joe!

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