A Boy and His Cane

Ben tries out his cane

Ben tries out his cane

Ben is just starting to walk but we wanted to introduce a cane to him right away. We don’t expect him to use it properly anytime soon – he doesn’t even have an O&M instructor yet – but we thought it was important to get him (and us) used to the idea of his cane as being a part of geting around. Right now he mostly thinks it’s fun to bang on the ground and chew on, but some day soon his cane will be his best friend. Learning to use a cane will be an important part of Ben being independent.

Benjamin’s cane is a free cane provided by the National Federation for the Blind. Special thanks to Barbara Pollard whose donation to the NFB provided the cane for Ben. You rock!

I’m sure we’ll be writing more about the cane as Ben gets better at getting around, and especially as he heads out into the wide world.

Also – you may notice the blog is changed a little bit. We gave it a new look and changed the title a little. It’s just “All About Benjamin” now – no more “baby.” Benjamin is growing up!


10 thoughts on “A Boy and His Cane

  1. He’s still “Baby Benjamin” in our house!!

  2. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I love the early explorer program! Max really liked the handle on the NFB cane. If you haven’t noticed already the tip will most likely get stuck in every crack possible. Max’s O&M said when using that NFB cane outside instead of sweeping it side to side it will be a tap on each side with a minor lift to move it side-to-side. : ) What an exciting time!

  4. Great to read about Benjamin’s updates! I was initially introduced to this blog by a friend who knew a friend who knew a friend of yours…. Long story short, I’m also a parent of a 23wkr who is now an 18 month toddler. It’s wonderful to read about kids who have travelled the road that most people can imagine. It honestly gives me home about my son.Great photos of Benjamin! Thank you for sharing.

  5. May 24th, 2013

    Hello, my name is Shayla I live in Alaska.
    It’s very nice to meet you! I found your son Ben’s blog today and it’s very cool. He is a miracle boy!
    I was born 13 weeks early and had ROP stage 3 plus disease, which was corrected by chryotherapy and it was very successful. I became Alaska’s 1st premature baby to have the (experimental) surgery back in 1989, today more little one can see! I thank god everyday for letting me see. It is such a wonderful gift!

    Today I am a fully sighted young lady and I am enjoying life. Thank you for sharing your son’s story with the world!

    please go to: http://www.abcd-vision.org to read my ROP story!

    take care,
    Shayla McCartney

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