Bedtime for Benjamin

We are very fortunate that Ben is a very good sleeper. He is great about sleeping through the night and wakes at a decent hour. But Ben does not approach sleep gently. He attacks it like a kid at a playground. He thinks bedtime is for acrobatics and leaps across the crib. Here’s just an example of what he does every. night. (and also shows off his new hair cut) <video>

In other news, Ben has been doing well on the food side – not that it still isn’t a struggle to get more food in him than he throws up (a lovely image – I apologize) but he has been easier to feed in general. In fact, he’s now 24 pounds! I know it’s not much for a kid who’s more than 2 years old – but for us, it’s wonderful. In fact – it puts him at the 6th percentile for weight. That’s solidly on the chart.

Ben also had a great time with his best buds, Jack and Jerome, this Independence Day – splashing and laughing. They also took a trip to the Brooklyn Children’s Museum – which was a bit much for Ben, but we’ll be back.



4 thoughts on “Bedtime for Benjamin

  1. I love the video! He seems so happy just bouncing on his butt like that. Way to go with feeding, Ben! Keep gaining that weight. : )

  2. Ben looks very content. Our older one was like that, especially when he would wake up in the middle of the night. He would jump so hard we kept having to tighten the screws under the bed.

  3. We would call this “flapping”, and understood it to be them squeezing out every drop of energy they had left from the day before they could go gentle into that goodnight.

  4. I remember when we were rooting for him to be able to roll over and his arm kept getting in the way, and then waiting for him to crawl but he decided to surprise us all and walk. And now look at him! He’s doing acrobatics! Love him.

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