Benjamin’s Adventures

So besides the walking thing, Benjamin has been a busy little guy travelling all over the place and having adventures. We’ll quickly bring you up to speed:

First (way back in February) – Ben went on his very first plane ride (that was not a flying ambulance) and visited New Orleans.


Benjamin did great on the plane, but wants to go first class next time


There was always lots going on in Jackson Square

Ben on steps

Ben gives himself a round of applause

Next he returned to North Carolina in March for our annual spring break trip to the Outer Banks (with a short stop visiting friends in Virginia) 

Ben on the slide

Ben loved the slide

Ben and Clavin hugs

Ben got lots of love from his buddies in OBX

ben in chair

This chair is enormous – but Ben is still small

Ben on swing

Swings are almost as fun as slides


Jack and Ben play with Play Doh

Then Ben got his very first haircut (that was not done by a nurse)

ben haircut

A little off the top, Carlos.

Ben got in his first 2013 Mets game (they won)

Ben at MEts Game

Let’s go Mets!

Then just last weekend took a quick roadtrip to Montreal for some yummy food.


Canada is a little chilly


Ben and Dad out in Montreal

Of course not pictured during these adventures is about five colds, lots of puke, crying by all involved and a total of 34+ hours in cars (just for full disclosure).

Ok I think we are caught up now… we can get back to timely updates (including exciting Ben news in the next post)


Attempting to put our money where our mouths are

The other day we asked everyone to try to give blood and when we searched for nearby blood drives ourselves we found out the Mets were hosting a blood drive at Citifield, which is a short distance from our home. So bright and early this morning, before going to the hospital, Amy and I headed over there to do our part.


Meet the Mets, give some blood

Now, to be honest, I really hate giving blood. The phlebotomists always need to poke me and then dig around with the needle under my skin until they hit gold — not a pleasant experience. But I was doing this to give back after all the blood that Benjamin received, so I was willing to put up with a little pain.

The set up at the ballpark was impressive – it seemed like a triage center and was already busy after only being open for 15 minutes. Amy and I separated and answered the questions to make sure we hadn’t traded money or drugs for sex, caught malaria or ate a lot of British beef in the early 90’s.

Red Cross at the Caesars Club

I warned the Red Cross staff member taking my blood that I was going to be a tough case. She seemed up for it and after some semi-painful poking got some blood flowing into the bag.


Grit your teeth and think of Benjamin

But then after a bit, more and more nurses kept looking at my hook-up and bag and started poking me again. Eventually I learned I actually have no blood – that I’m a robot or something. Either that or I just have very small veins, veins that got smaller after they made me bruise up. The nurse actually told me “You probably shouldn’t give blood.” The half a unit they got out of me was not usable, unfortunately.

Luckily Amy was able to donate, so the trip wasn’t wasted – although it wasn’t all fun for her either. She didn’t feel so great half-way through and then they didn’t want her to leave “until her color improved.” Amy then had to explain that she is always that color.


Hooray for Amy!

The Mets gave out goodies that helped to soothe my disappointment – we each got a pair of tickets to an upcoming game, t-shirts and we were entered into a few raffles (even those of us who failed).

Any way – two things: 1. I need someone to give blood as my proxy, pretty much for the rest of my life 2. Everyone else at the blood drive seemed to get through it pretty smoothly, so I think we’re the exception.

So, please go and donate blood!

Ok – one last confession… the real reason we went was to meet Mr Met, because come on, this is exactly the sort of thing he would be at, miming things and getting photos taken with people. No luck though… I bet he probably can’t give blood either, on account of looking so pale all the time.