Bedtime for Benjamin

We are very fortunate that Ben is a very good sleeper. He is great about sleeping through the night and wakes at a decent hour. But Ben does not approach sleep gently. He attacks it like a kid at a playground. He thinks bedtime is for acrobatics and leaps across the crib. Here’s just an example of what he does every. night. (and also shows off his new hair cut) <video>

In other news, Ben has been doing well on the food side – not that it still isn’t a struggle to get more food in him than he throws up (a lovely image – I apologize) but he has been easier to feed in general. In fact, he’s now 24 pounds! I know it’s not much for a kid who’s more than 2 years old – but for us, it’s wonderful. In fact – it puts him at the 6th percentile for weight. That’s solidly on the chart.

Ben also had a great time with his best buds, Jack and Jerome, this Independence Day – splashing and laughing. They also took a trip to the Brooklyn Children’s Museum – which was a bit much for Ben, but we’ll be back.



Home at last, home at last…

We made it! No one stopped us at the door, no one found another test or procedure or surgery to do, nothing stood in our way.

To be honest – it’s funny how long it takes to get to an ending, but how quickly things end when you get there.

The night was a little restless – I’m not sure who kept whom up all night. But if Benjamin wasn’t fussing or making noise, waking us up, one of us would poke him to see if he was ok, waking him up. We’ll get the hang of it, I’m sure.

Our primary night nurse, Catherine, stopped by bright and early to check in on us and say good-bye and then Amy had a chance to sleep in while I packed up our stuff. Then our primary day nurse, Dany, came by to drop off some of our stuff and a pile of paperwork. All we needed to do was sign a paper and we were free to go.

“There’s nothing else? We just walk out?”

So to stall a bit we did a victory lap through the NICU with Benjamin in his car seat to say goodbye to all the nurses and a few of the parents. Benjamin wore his Superman shirt to show what a superhero he is.

Dany stayed with us until we had the car packed up and we drove away, but not before lots of hugs and goodbyes. We have a ton of appointments in the neighborhood, so we will be back to visit all our friends at CHONY.

We gave Benjamin a tour on our way home, pointing out things we passed (we did similar things when we last went on a road trip with him, but then he was a couple of cells big and frozen). We cheered when we entered his ancestral home, Queens.

Being home is good so far – we briefly panicked when Ben demanded food the moment we walked in the door, but before we had unpacked anything. The neighbors know he’s home now, at least.

We tried out his changing table a few times (and he promptly christened it <and Amy>) and we found out he adores his swing (Thanks Allison!) where he slept for hours already.

We need to go pick up Cayman from Camp Bow Wow in a little bit and can’t wait for the introduction. We’ll be sure to share photos from that.