baby steps

Benjamin had another quiet day, which is more than we were expecting this morning. His blood pressure has been nice and steady- so much so that they totally weaned him from the dopamine, and his vent settings are a teeny bit better than they have been. When I came in this morning his eyes were wide open and he was doing fine. We’re hoping he continues on this positive trend and are just taking it all day by day.


A good day

Amy and I left Benjamin still doing well. A quiet day for a tough little guy (not counting the part where they operated on his heart).

Thanks for all the support and kind words today! It helped keep us strong too.

Mostly done waiting

We just talked to the surgeon, and he said that while the PDA was larger than they had thought, the surgery was straightforward and Benjamin did well. Because the PDA was so big, he thinks that it will help Benjamin a lot to have it closed now. Right now he’s still with the anesthesiologists so we haven’t seen him yet. He’ll still be pretty sedated when he comes out, and then we’ll see how he takes his new blood flow.

Squirmy Worm

Benjamin had a good weekend. Carol and Conrad came to visit and see his new digs and get some good i-talian food. Both missions were accomplished, and we were so glad to have them here.

Mr. Benjamin seems back to his old, squirmy self. He kicked and wiggled and looked around all weekend, pausing only to dislodge his ventilator tube this morning. He’s going to be on his antifungal medicine for 6 weeks to make sure that the infection is totally gone, but other than that, all clinical signs of infection seem to have gone away.

All this, just in time of course, for his surgery. Benjamin’s PDA ligation is scheduled for tomorrow morning- he’s 3rd on the list. Though we know that he needs the ligation, and that it will help him in many ways- it will increase blood flow to his organs, make his heart work a little less, and help his lungs develop; we also know that he doesn’t like change. The doctors said it will be a rough 24-48 hours after the surgery as his body adjusts to the different circulation path and to expect low blood pressure, high vent settings and kidney issues at first.We’re nervous that the next week will be a tough one, but we’re also hopeful that it will help him more than a short-term setback.

And for your viewing pleasure, some cuteness:


Holding mama's finger


trying to find his thumb




Wish us luck tomorrow and for a quick recovery for our little guy!